is the name that I was given upon entering this place we humans call home. And in this crazy world, there's a lot of beauty to be seen and experienced. As an artist and a designer, I try to add a little bit of aesthetic stimulation back to the landscape.

I'm a California native, born and raised in the garlic capital of the world and currently residing in the sunny southern region of the golden state. It's a beautiful place that I'm fortunate enough to call home. A home whose culture and surroundings influence everything that I create.

Much of my inspiration is founded on the heavy graphic illustration styles embodied in skateboard art and graffiti. They're the things that I've always been drawn to both artistically, especially skateboards. From the days of playing Tony Hawk's pro skater and wanting Andrew Reynolds' reaper board, the style's had me hooked.

I aim to create things that grab your eyes and hold onto them. If a piece gets your attention and makes you look twice, then it's a success.