Judge This Book by Its Cover...

It's printed!! I recently had the amazing opportunity to work on my first book cover design, and now it's officially published and available! The book itself is a whirlwind journey of a cold case team that followed the elusive tracks of the infamous D.B. Cooper.

For those of you that don't know the story of Cooper, he's somewhat of an American folk hero and nothing short of a criminal mastermind. He famously hijacked a 747 in 1971 along with $200,000 in cash, and then jumped out of the plane with the cash strapped to his body and parachuted into the abyss, never to be found...or was he? You'll have to read the book to find out more, but the work done by author Thomas J. Colbert and his team is quite compelling.

It was a privilege to be contacted by Tom's wife, Dawna, to create the artwork that would set the tone for one of the greatest crime mysteries of America's history. The one thing that was for sure is that this image needed to be mysterious. It needed to leave the viewer asking, "who is this guy? What's he up to?" And with that in mind, the cover was created. I'm incredibly stoked to have had this opportunity and proud of the result. Definitely give the book, which is available on Amazon, a read and check out the History Channel documentary D.B. Cooper: Case Closed? which is based on the work of the team that gathered the evidence presented in the book.

Back with an epic new Colab!

So, it's been a while (understatement of the year), since I've posted anything. And I could go into all the technical reasons as to why that is, but it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that I'm back and creating things worthy of posting, and I'm kicking it off with something that went from random idea to something AWESOME in a matter of hours.

My buddy Simon and I got together and decided we wanted to create something big. So, a 6 foot canvas taped up to a garage door seemed like the natural place to start. Then the question became, what do we create? Well, as any nerd who grew up in the 90's knows, Pokémon GO came out this week, and about broke the internet. It certainly broke the servers because, DUH, you can finally catch Pokémon in the real world! It's everything we ever wanted our Gameboys to do. I could go on about the excitement of the game, but this is about the art! Simon and I watched a couple of Pokémon battles on YouTube to get inspired, and it only felt right to pit two of the most well known badasses of the Pokémon universe against each other: Charizard and Blastoise. 

Without further ado, here's the video of the whole project. Enjoy!

Super Pokemon Heroes

Lately I've been messing with the combination of two of my favorite childhood things, Pokémon and super heroes! Master balls be damned! These are the ones that I've done so far, but now I want to know which crossovers you guys want to see. Leave a comment of what combo you want to see next.

Scyther x Green Arrow

Scyther x Green Arrow

Dragonite x Iron Man

Dragonite x Iron Man

Blastoise x Batman

Blastoise x Batman

Saint Camera Melon

It's all about perspective. The lens in which you view things completely shapes how you perceive them. So sometimes it's necessary to take a step back, or left, or up, and adjust the focus a bit to see things in light that might be surprisingly awesome.

That idea is what spawned this piece. That and possibly the fact that I also just got a new camera. We can run with whichever one you want.

Threadlessed It!

Well, modified the color scheme and threw it up on Threadless for another shot at printed infamy! You can help make it happen and bring this dude back from the grave by giving it a 5 at Threadless.com

Skate After Life

Skate for life, and then keep skating. Just a little dude I drew up as a warm-up. I'm thinking he might be a Threadless submission just because...